If I follow you, yes, I care about your garden, what your cat did today, the jewelry you made, that one friend who said the thing, i like your sense of humor, and also your selfies.

Also, heart.

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Fuck, my tea.
me approximately an hour after every time I make tea (via madopiano)
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"You shouldn’t be worried about equality, women can vote!" Ah yes now I can choose which straight white man can oppress me what a time to be alive

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Charles Clymer is my favorite twitter person. (x)

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Please note: “everyone who works retail, admin, or labor” is pretty much everyone. I can’t remember the last time I worked somewhere without “security” cameras that monitored employees.

I’m having a good laugh right now because our associates just got collectively reprimanded for leaning on the counters during 8 hour shifts on their feet, because it isn’t “professional” looking.  So apparently they can put up with a camera over their shoulder to make sure they do their jobs correctly, but a cop with a gun cant?  

Do cops want CCTV cams removed from businesses and streets? If they don’t want to monitored on their jobs, why should everyone be monitored at theirs (and in their LIVES)? Oh, it makes cops’ job easier to have a video record of crimes and infractions? Huh.


I work in an office and not retail, but I also know that every website I visit, and instant message or email I send is monitored and stored by my employer.

Also, surveillance cameras in public areas are nearly everywhere in America, watching just about everything completely innocent people are doing.

Police should be held to a higher standard than the public they are sworn to protect, and the data shows that cops equipped with cameras are simply better cops.

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A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her.
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Books are so ideal for lazy people I mean we can do all these amazing things and go to amazing places and experience all these things all while sitting on our ass.

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It is known. Tag a GoT fiend in the comments.



It is known. Tag a GoT fiend in the comments.


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Also their clothes (pockets, pockets, pockets).

if stuff is made for men, it’s practical and helps them be human beings

if stuff is made for women, it’s pretty and helps us be decoration

You forgot, the stuff made for women is also more expensive

Will never NOT reblog stuff such as this.

can we also discuss the disparity in pricing of men’s cosmetic items/toiletries and women’s cosmetic items/toiletries?

and clothing. men’s clothing tends to be less expensive. men’s coats. men’s coats are WARMER and HEAVIER and you know, more functional for their purpose (keeing you warm and cozy) while women’s tend to be pricier and infinitely less practical.

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